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  • BOTOX cosmetic and BOTOX therapeutic - Medication that precisely treats specific facial, neck muscles for skin smoothing and lifting effect; medical use for excess sweating or pain symptoms related to TMJ
    Treatment overview Botox is a neuromodulating drug which can be injected into very specific muscles, to achieve a smoother skin surface, lift or elevate features such as the brow or chin corners, and prevent excess sagging or drooping of the ageing face. Too often the stigmatized perception of looking “frozen or weird from botox” can make people hesitate or fearful of trying this treatment. At SKin Phi the goal is about RESTORATION; reversing some of the markers of time, fatigue and stress so you look like yourself, just refreshed! Patients who clench or grind their teeth, or have TMJ pain can be offered symptom relief if the masseter muscles are treated with Botox. Therapeutic Botox is also injected for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) for underarms, scalp, hands.   How it works Neuromodulating drugs can temporarily relax or weaken muscle contraction where it is injected. The most common area that patients ask to have treated is the frown lines or “11s” between the brows. The precise muscles are injected and the overlying skin becomes smoother because the drug is “disallowing” scrunching of those muscles. Botox can be used as preventative medicine in some cases, and can also be used to create elevation, symmetry or more defined contour to areas such as the brows, lips, or jawline. Approaching Botox treatment with “the best injectable is the least detectable” philosophy means we start by using conservative dosage…and always tailor dose for your unique anatomy and followup evaluation 2 weeks after the initial treatment.  The Signature 10YearsYoungerTM program includes an evaluation to see if Botox is suitable for lifting or relaxing certain parts of anatomy. SprinkleToxTM is a special technique used in “baby botox” areas or for smoothing out of fine lines/crepey areas, rosaceaous blushing/flushing, and overly oily skin. At SKin Phi, we only use the best in class, evidence-based medications and products. Alternatives may be  offered in special cases if there is a clear clinical advantage and benefit for patients, but we do not subscribe to new products that offer only lower price points. Your skin deserves the best products and best care!   Results Botox starts “working” in about 2-3 days after the injections and will gradually optimize up to 2 weeks. Results typically last about 3-4 months on average, but this depends largely on the dosage as well as the anatomic area. Once the drug begins to wear off,  muscles start to recover and return back to normal movement. Repeat treatments are done when muscle movement returns, or when you feel the need to lift, relax or contour certain areas again. Some hyperhidrosis patients only need repeat treatments when they feel sweaty again, this varies from patient to patient and may be between 3-9 months.   Recovery time Botox treatment at SKin Phi feel and look like little “bug-bites”, and requires no anesthesia pre-treatment. While some areas do feel more sensitive than others, Botox injections should NOT hurt; we use techniques to make this a comfortable and simple procedure. Many patients come during a lunch break from work, and proceed with the rest of their day immediately after.  There is the possibility of a bruise with any injection, although not very common with Botox treatment.   Before & After You can view all Before and After Results here
  • FILLERS — Juvederm, Restylane, specialty HAs, Radiesse, Sculptra, skinboosters, SprinkletoxTM
    Treatment overview At SKin Phi injectable dermal fillers are used to artfully augment or replace lost volume in the face, neck, hands, chest, and other anatomical areas. Collagen, elastin, and other components of the skin matrix are lost as we age; fat compartments of the face get depleted and the bony structure of the face also resorbs based on aging and genetics. The telltale signs of wrinkles, sagging, and loss of facial contour often cause us to feel like we are “looking tired or worn”, or simply “starting to look my age!” The Needle WhispererTM reputation was established in the National Capital Region after patients started sharing their positive experience with family, friends, colleagues and book clubs… you CAN have a refreshed and restored result with filler treatment, and no one will even know you had injections done (unless you tell them). It can look that natural. It can be a comfortable and rewarding experience, and most importantly you will feel very well cared for. How it works Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Saypha, and other speciality HA’s come in various consistencies and concentrations. HA’s are hydrophilic, meaning they attract water molecules and form a soft gel which integrated with your own tissue so it should feel and look like your own fat, or collagen. Radiesse and Sculptra are bio-stimulatory fillers, meaning they work by stimulation collagen. Choosing the right products for your unique anatomy, dosage, and specific techniques used to inject required careful assessment of each patient. Some products called Skinboosters, are meant to mimic components of the dermal matrix, so the skin has restored “bounce” or light-reflecting brightness to it. Results While some filler results can look improved immediately, the final result is evaluated typically at 6-8 weeks when the optimal outcome is appreciated. Some fillers last about one year, while others can maintain correction for 2+ years. The Needle WhispererTM Signature programs have been honed through constant training and Master level courses such as MDCodes, BeautiPhication, CANS certification, and participation in international conferences focused on aesthetic medicine. The 10YearsYoungerTM and The PrettyLipTM programs are designed exclusively for YOU and WITH you, to help you feel as good as you will look. There is something so undeniably beautiful about confidence! Recovery time Needle pokes in the skin can potentially result in bleeding and possible bruising. Swelling, bruising, tenderness, uneveness are all temporary side effects and typically resolve within 3-10 days. Makeup can be worn the next day and any obvious dark bruises can be mitigated with courtesy laser treatment at SKin Phi the next day (this can clear the bruise much quicker than waiting for it to fade on it’s own). While it is not advised to do filler treatment within a week of any important social event, patients typically do not take “time off” work for these appointments. Before/After Before and After Botox 45 units, 2 cc's Juvederm You can view all Before and After Results here
  • INSTALIFT Micro-suspension Resorbable Sutures (Threads)
    Treatment overview InstaLift micro-suspension sutures are the only Health Canada approved “threadlift” for aesthetic medicine. The unique technology allows us to non-surgically LIFT vectors of the cheek and jawline. InstaLift if not for everyone, but for the right candidate it can provide just the right amount of improvement (where filler might not be enough for the amount of laxity, but you are not willing to undergo a facelift surgery) How it works The procedure is similar to doing a filler treatment, with additional skin prepping and aneasthesia to keep you comfortable. The very thin resorbable suture or “thread” is engineered to lift the deep skin tissue of the cheek or jawline and after a few months, it dissolves and it replaced by your own collagen. Results The optimal lift is seen in 3 months, but some improvement can be noted even 2 weeks after the treatment. The lift typically lasts about 2 years. Recovery time If there is some bleeding during the procedure a bruise may last 1-2 weeks. Swelling, tenderness are expected for a few days, and there may be some “bunching” or rippled skin along the cheeks for a few days for some patients. There may be some temporary numbness or tingling in certain areas for some patients.
  • BELKYRA Injections for contouring of submental fat or fullness
    Treatment overview Contouring of unwanted fullness under the chin can be achieved by injecting Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) in the fat cells in this area. There is some off-label use of the drug for contouring of fat pockets in other areas of the face and body. How it works Injections of the drug into the fat pad area are performed with a very fine needle. The drug causes injury to the fat cells, some of which are critically injured and become waste that is cleared away by the body’s immune system (apoptosis). Most patients see some contouring (fat pad shrinks) within the first 2 sessions. Typical treatment is 3 sessions, done 2 mths apart. Results Contouring may be appreciated within 6-8 weeks after each treatment. As any medical procedure, some patients fail treatment to one therapy but respond well to another. There are alternatives to fat contouring, such as cryolipolysis, and more recently with deep tissue microneedle Radiofrequency. Recovery time Inflammation of the local area may cause the double chin appear more full or puffy for a week post treatment. There may be bruising and swelling for 1 week, and some firmness which is temporary. Most patients attempt Belkyra treatments in the winter when they can hide excess swelling or bruising with scarves or turtlenecks. Before & After You can view all Before and After Results here
  • PLATELET-RICH-PLASMA for skin rejuvenation, hair loss, and O-Shot (women’s health)
    Treatment overview PRP is a form of regenerative medicine, using the growth factors in your own plasma to help repair, restore, rejuvenate or heal tissue. PRP can be delivered through direct needle injections, transdermally absorbed via micro-channels from Dermapen microneedling or any fractional laser or energy treatment. How it works The nurse will draw a small blood sample, similar to when you go to the lab for bloodwork. It is centrifuged and the fraction of concentrated PRP is harvested and used for injection or transdermal application for rejuvenation, scar therapy, optimizing cellular function wherever it is injected or infused. PRP is one of the best ways to improve overall skin texture, and circulation. Dark circles under the eyes is a very difficult condition to treat, but PRP and microneedling is helpful to improve the tired appearance. PRP can also be added onto any laser or energy based treatment that creates microchannels or fractional “holes” in the epidermis, it facilitates healing and enhances the collagen repair response. Hair loss or thinning which is not amenable to topical and/or oral medications can be improved with PRP injections to the scalp O-Shot is a therapy which can enhance the female sexual response, improving orgasm quality and/or frequency. PRP has also been shown to improve vaginal atrophy and dryness associated with genito-urinary syndrome of menopause. Many patients do not respond well to hormone therapy, vaginal lubricants, or simply want a non-drug option for this condition. Talking to your gynecologist or GP about ALL the medical options is a holistic approach to the challenges of menopause, pelvic health after childbirth, chemotherapy, or surgery. Results For hair loss and thinning, a series of 3-4 monthly treatments and quarterly maintenance keeps your follicles growing hair and improves density and thickness of treated areas. You can continue your topical and/or ancillary therapies for your specific type of alopecia, such as Rogaine, or prescription medications. For women’s pelvic health, PRP can optimize the function of cells in the vaginal epithelium that affect circulation, proper lubrication and microbiome environment, nerve sensation, and may also improve mild urinary stress incontinence. We can help guide you to our bridged experts who are part of this holistic approach: pelvic physiotherapists, gynecologists, and specialized dermatology dealing with vulvar conditions. Recovery time Depending on the method of delivery PRP for skin rejuvenation may come with little to no downtime (time off work). There may be some bruising, mild swelling for a day or two, and the skin will feel dry like fine sandpaper. Moisturize and sun protect after procedures that make little micro-channels or holes in the skin. Makeup can be worn over sunscreen the next day. PRP for hair loss has no recovery time, the nurse may instruct you not to shampoo or get your hair done for 24 hours as the injection sites need a bit of time to heal. Otherwise, resume normal activities after injection. After the OShot you can resume normal activities, there may be a little bit of tenderness or sensitivity if there is some bruising following injection. Local anesthesia is used during treatment so the discomfort is low and the procedure is well tolerated without additional medication or sedation.
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