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The SKin Phi Story

Experience. Care.


Our story starts with a clinic called Laserderm, founded by Dr. Sharyn Laughlin, Dermatologist, in the late 80s. She herself was mentored by the late “grandfather of laser medicine,”  Dr. Leon Goldman. His motto was, “If you don’t need to use a laser, don’t.” We interpret this as  patient safety first, and above all else. Dr. Laughlin was more than just a mentor in terms of pioneering and expert laser knowledge, she taught us how to CARE for our dermatology and aesthetic patients.


At SKin Phi we continue this legacy of excellence and pioneering spirit, never forgetting that the privilege and responsibility that comes with caring for our patients is our true reward. We champion PATIENT ADVOCACY as the prime directive. This synergy between clinical excellence and vigilant patient advocacy is how we best describe the SKin Phi approach to aesthetic medicine.

Our team

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Sunny Kim


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Lara Crew-Gee

RN, Dermatology and Laser Nurse

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Dr Stephen Cooper

MD, Medical Director 

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Lalaine Castilla

BCom, Chief Operating Officer
and Administration 

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Lisa Peacock

Medical Aesthetician

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One of the driving forces behind SKin Phi is that we love to serve our community. We will support featured philanthropies throughout the year through specials events, and by donating proceeds from our Skincare sales.


Our Tribe is made up of many beautiful souls who want to LOOK good, FEEL good, and DO good!

2023 we have supported the following Charities: Harmony House Women’s Shelter, Ottawa Heart Institute, Parkdale Food Centre, Dress for Success, Ottawa Salus, Operation Come Home. We look forward to adding to this list…


Harmony House Women's Shelter

Learn more about Harmony House

Since 1987, Harmony House has been helping women and children flee violence and live safely. As Ottawa’s only second-stage women’s shelter, they  bridge the gap between a woman living in crisis to eventually living independently in the community.

Harmony House provides  safe, affordable transitional housing coupled with many programs, counselling and other supports needed to work through trauma and learn how to become empowered to be independent.

SKin Phi is a proud sponsor of the Harmony House Red&White gala May 18, 2023, and  partner with charitable groups such as Harmony House in support of helping the needy  and vulnerable groups in our local community.


Training +

At SKin Phi we will collaborate with industry (pharmaceutical and medical device companies) on occasion to conduct product research and/or training for other physicians and healthcare professionals. If you would like to enroll in a study you must be a current patient and meet eligibility criteria. Check in here to see if there are any studies you might be interested in for skin and wellness research.


Sunny is a reviewer for the CNA as a subject matter expert in laser and aesthetic medicine, including injectable therapies. She is introduced to every cutting edge technology and product in the aesthetic market in order to keep abreast of the evolving landscape. This is personal passion, and also focuses on bringing only the very BEST to patient care at SKin Phi. She is sought out by companies for research, teaching, mentoring and preceptorship.

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Join our Tribe


Thank you for joining us!

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