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The Ultimate Facial Experience

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Our Favourite Things

Curating our favourite products that fit the SimpliPHIcation model for our best-in-class skincare programs. Pick and use only those products that are right for YOU…  and remember, less is more!


The Sunscreen Company/Cyberderm

Colorescience Photoprotection

Biophora antioxidant Pure-C and Oxygenetix bases

Alastin post treatment support and antioxidants

Bluestone Sunshields

Prescription topicals and at-home therapeutics tailored for your unique needs

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Sunny's Picks


Sun protection is no joke. We  favour ALL ZINC products that are cosmetically elegant for the face as an every day habit, and high performing versions of zinc for all the different seasons and activities of life. A brimmed hat  also also key, but what about extreme skin protection when you absolutely mean business about  NO SUN?

The Bluestone Sunshield is a full face UV protecting shield that functions like a giant shade cover for your face when worn UP, and like a   full face covering sunglass  film when worn DOWN. This was  designed by someone who worked in a laser clinic in California and saw the need for photoprotection before and after cosmetic procedures.  

This saved me when I developed melasma and felt extreme anxiety  paddling on my SUP,  because I knew that being out on the water almost guaranteed that my melasma would be worsened. I paddled with confidence once I went out with my Bluestone Sunshield on!

If you are headed outside for  activities, to a sunny vacation  and need a little extra protection, and want to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT (your skin!) pick up a Bluestone Sunshield next time you are restocking your   favourite sunscreen at SKin PHi!

See you soon!   @nursesunnykim

Lara's Picks


We love discovering new technology, not only in medical devices but also in topicals that perform. Actually perform, as in, MAKES A DIFFERENCE whether you use it or not. 

The Moxi and Morpheus treatments have been such game-changers in our practice, and Alastin Regenerating Skin Nectar is like the perfect finishing touch. It is as though a luxurious breathable bandaid has been smoothed on your sensitive skin. 

TriHex peptides not only prepare the dermal matrix for NEW collagen and elastin formation, they soothe and heal an impaired barrier. Inflammation is calmed and allows rapid surface healing.

For our most sensitive and irritated skins, we have seen the Regenerative Repair Nectar restore the skin barrier to a healthy and intact complexion. It is a luxurious spa-retreat for your rashy or dry flaking skin. So luxurious some of our patients are adopting this as their new luxury moisturizer, it makes the skin feel that silky.

See you soon!   @dermnurselara

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