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Sunny Kim


Sunny’s career long affair with laser medicine and cosmetic dermatology began in 1998 when she met Dr Sharyn Laughlin, Dermatologist and Founder of Laserderm. After a brief stint in orthopaedic surgery and general medicine, she  worked in  the    general dermatology out-patient clinics at the Civic Hospital (patch testing clinic, psoriasis day unit). Once Sunny discovered the wonderful world of LASERS in Dr. Laughlin's private practice,   it  became a professional passion!

Laserderm was a laser and cosmetic dermatology clinic, which also specialized in Portwine Stain  birthmarks and hemangiomas. It  was uniquely licensed by the Ministry of Health so that patients all across the country could access world class therapies for insured removal of their birthmarks. Laserderm was the birthplace of many of the lasers that were introduced in the country, and was a center of excellence, teaching, research and innovation. 

Sunny left clinical practice between 2000-2006 and moved to Toronto to work    in the industry/corporate side of laser and esthetic medicine . She was the head of clinical and research departments for two different laser companies. Sigmacon Medical was a laser distributor for multiple manufacturers: ESC Sharplan, Cutera, Laserscope, Conbio Medical, Edge Systems, Candela, Medlite, Lumenis, Zimmer, as well as many other multi-national manufacturers who did not have direct sales/service in Canada. Sunny designed, disseminated, and managed all clinical training program processes for Canada, and had a team of clinical nurse trainers who were responsible for inservice education and support to physicians, nurse and healthcare professionals. Sunny had intimate knowledge of more than 50 laser systems at any given time, and worked with regulatory monitors for Health Canada during approval processes and research related activities.

In 2001 Syneron Medical, an Israeli biomedical start-up, came out with their revolutionary ELOS technology. Sunny headed the North American Clinical department for Syneron for 6 years of amazing growth and domination of the laser aesthetic market. As Director of Clinical for Canada and the US, she designed all clinical training materials for the ELOS platform technologies (combination IPL and Radiofrequency energy) and managed a team of clinical trainers and research monitors across North America.  She worked directly with the Key Opinion Leaders in Canada and the US for product launches and pre-FDA clearance research studies. Fotofacial rejuvenation featuring the ELOS technology was spearheaded by Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr and Dr. Steve Mulholland, and Syneron became the worldwide leaders in IPL rejuvenation. They later took over laser medicine giant Candela and the two companies merged product portfolios. After 6 years of whirlwind growth, an IPO and too much travel, Sunny decided to move back to Ottawa and rejoin Laserderm as Director of Clinical Affairs.

As Clinical Director, Sunny managed all aspects of the patient care process, clinical research projects, new technology procurement, oversight of clinical staff and facilitated University of Ottawa Dermatology resident and fellowship training. She also started to focus her own practice in the injectable therapies, and was    the primary injector at Laserderm since 2007. While teaching and consulting for laser companies continued to be part of her career, her focus in advanced injectable therapies was honed by master class trainings, exclusive development programs by invitation only for leading injectors in the country, and continued mentorship by Dr. Laughlin and other pioneers of aesthetic dermatology and medicine.

Sunny is a consultant to laser and pharmaceutical companies and speaks at industry conferences, Dermatology Nurse conventions and holds the CANS designation (a credential recognizing highly specialized aesthetic nurses qualified in advanced laser and cosmetic medicine by the American Plastic Surgery Nurses Association). A fellow of the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery since 2001, she is abreast on new research and advanced training in the laser medicine...the latest is not always the greatest, but ALL  new technology has to be evaluated to see if it's the new BEST in class.    She is part of an elite group of top nurse injectors in Canada who are CANS certified. Sunny sits on review committees for the Canadian Nurses Association as a subject matter expert for laser and cosmetic dermatology, approving accreditation for post-secondary courses offered to nurses, physicians and other health professionals.

Her unique perspective and approach in injection therapies, with foundations in advanced anatomy, training, and constant new skills acquisition (such as: MDCodes, BeautiPHIcation, IMCAS conference attendance, Beauty Uncoded) is focused on “the best injectable being LEAST detectable.”  Her tribe is comprised of men and women who want to look the way they feel…about 10 years younger! More healthy, more vibrant, more full of energy and rest, and confident to face the world (screen, phone, etc) even first thing in the morning! The “pretty lip”, “10-Year Younger time machine”, and other signature features of The Needle WhispererTM care are what patients have relied on for years in the Nation’s Capital to look and feel like their best selves. High level discretion is valued in her tribe, and her patients never look “done”, no one should really know that you get Botox or filler treatment… unless you want to tell them!

Sunny's reputation as The Needle WhispererTM quietly grew during her  tenure at Laserderm, and while she is  passionate about constantly searching for innovative solutions in aesthetic medicine, her clinical practice is NOT guided by the trends, it is about finding what is most ENHANCING to each individual face and their personal beauty goals. Some might refer to this very simply as, "good taste"!  Most of all, she loves the relationships nurtured with patients. Many of them have been in her care for over 15 years, this is the trust and exchange that is so valued mutually.  

Most importantly, Sunny values inner and outer balance, personal and interpersonal balance, and strives to manifest these values in her clinical practice. She listens to her patients more than she talks, she cares for patient outcomes like they are her own family. Patient advocacy is a NURSING duty, this is why sometimes she will say “no” to requests for treatment. Sometimes, more is not better. Better is best.


Experience. Care. Trust.

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