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April SKINspirations

April always feels like something new is about to come... an awakening or renewal of sorts.

We love to talk about BBL rejuvenation and the special ways in which we incorporate the simple and effective skin treatment into a WAY OF LIFE around here. It is the staple of how to REVERSE AGE your skin and give yourself a "do-over" from the years of unprotected sun exposure.


  • Gradually fades and improves pigment from sun damage: freckles, uneven skintone, blotchy neck/chest/arms/back photodamage

  • Gradually fades and improves redness, spider veins, chronic inflammed skin from Rosacea

  • Improves pore size, crepey skin, elasticity and fine lines

  • A Stanford University study shows how we can get a "DO-OVER" for our sun damaged skin. After being exposed to BBL therapy, skin cells "switched" hundreds of biomarkers to take on characteristics of younger and pre-photodamaged cells. Not only does your skin LOOK more clear and healthy, your cells literally will behave like younger, healthier skin cells.

  • We certainly see proof of this, hundreds of our patients who discovered their renewed skin more than a decade ago, have maintained their rejuvenation therapy (by repeating a BBL once or twice a year) and most of them have better quality skin today than when we first met them.

BBL can be done on the face, neck, chest, arms, back. Sun damage can be reversed on all parts of the body, and improves the overall quality and health of the skin, less pathology is seen in skin that maintains rejuvenation therapy like BBL.

One of the reasons why BBL becomes a way of life, is the motivation to protect your investment! Once you achieve that re-booted complexion, you want to maintain it by protecting from excess UV exposure. Zinc based sunscreen, hats and shade, and UPF textiles in clothing help to avoid further sun damage.

Maintenance treatments are done semi-annually for most patients but everyone's unique schedule can be tuned to their individual skin needs.

At SKin Phi, we do BBL's "with a difference." Special bonus passes and advanced techniques are finessed to achieve the best outcomes in each session. Our patients can attest to the special attention to detail paid to very square inch of skin, experience counts!


The Needle Whisperer Musings...

I absolutely love, I mean LOVE, when someone gets over the moon happy with their results. This goes for anything we do at the clinic, from a laser treatment, to someone who feels they have "found themselves again" with a little injectable therapy. That's the reward that keeps us going.

I am even more thrilled when we can help you achieve results, with minimal intervention. The smaller the dose, the least amount of treatments, the fewest number of syringes... the better. For you. I know these days, everyone uses the phrase "natural looking results," but real NATURAL results means: if you only saw the AFTER photo, would you even guess that there was botox or filler injected, and where? And sometimes, I will tell the honest truth, that what I can offer is not what is best for you. Sometimes a referral to a surgeon, or another specialist is what's in your best interest. In my 17 years of injecting fulltime, one of the most important things that comes with experience is, knowing when to say no. It would either be unsafe, or not worth it (successful results not probable), or just unable to achieve the outcome you are looking for.

The Needle Whisperer nickname was given to me by a patient a long time ago, I thought it was funny and felt like it was undeserved at the time. She said the "word on the street" was that I was "the s____!" But now I regard it as a responsibility. When you share your positive experience with a friend, family member, or colleague I accept the charge of "that's your reputation." I strive to meet or exceed the expectations to draw out beauty, and make you feel confident and empowered as YOURSELF.

I am giving talks to some new injectors this month on how to inject as an ART. This is very important to me, encouraging clinicians to care for patients in a way that enhances their beauty, reflects their inner confidence, and prioritize safety and skill over profit.

Care first.

We are still running our spring promo of Fillerx3 and free Botox 20 units, while quantities last.

And Brilliant Distinctions Double Points bonus runs until April 8.

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