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Metamorphosis... Beauty from the Inside Out

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

July is going to be a reflective one...

SKin Phi is coming up to our 1 year anniversary soon! Celebrations aside, this is a period of gratitude above all else. Thankful for every single patient who trusted us and came out to support our vision. Please know that at some point this month, each one of you will be on our minds, hearts and our lips, and we will say out loud a THANK YOU for allowing us to be part of your care. Also, look out for something in the mail, we are having a virtual 1 year anniversary celebration for our first 500 patients. If you made that list, consider yourself one of the OG500 in the SKin Phi Tribe ❤️

When we left our old establishment, we wanted to do BETTER, not MORE. If their measure of success was increasing profits, OUR measure of success would be INCREASING CARE for our patients. This is the difference only we can uniquely make in our little world. One of the reasons why Bobbi Brown, @justbobbidotcom is a force to admire and follow, she made a make-up brand based on her vision of simplicity and excellence. She stuck to it and when her team no longer shared the same values, she left and started a new venture that could uphold and evolve those values into something even better. A metamorphosis. But it was always inside of her, it's all in YOU!

NOW, let's talk some SKin! By the way, these featured topics are SUMMER SAFE, meaning you can do them NOW, even though we are in full vacation, pool or cottage mode (with zinc suncreen and hats of course!)

You can enjoy summer and still partake in GLOW-care at SKin Phi!

MOXI laser. SKin Phi was the first clinic to bring this marvel of laser medicine to Ottawa. Why? It was without a doubt the most amazing way to restore sun damage or unevenly pigmented skin to a near-cherubic state. I chose this laser based on my own experience, Moxi changed my skin-life! Confidence is when you can feel good again without a ton of makeup on to hide stuff. Dr. Laughlin, who was and still is our muse (she is the now retired GOAT of laser medicine in Canada, if you didn't know) always said: "using the best technology in the best hands" is the winning combination. This is why experience matters. This is why expertise matters. And most importantly, staying humble so that you are constantly on the hunt for the best innovations (not just the latest), the best training (not the most trendy), the best products (not the lowest price). After all, how can we morph in our best selves if we don't adopt best practices? We love to facilitate metamorphosis, whether through our own hands, or by referring to someone else who can provide the best care for your need! (other service and health professionals who are best in their class)

SOFWAVE is the newest ultrasound technology for skin firming and toning. We offer this procedure exclusively at SKin Phi, and it is a no downtime way to increase the density of collagen and elastin in the skin.

1-2 treatment sessions is recommended, but we aim for improvement that is noticeable with 1. Loose skin tends to gather around the mouth, laugh lines, chin and jawline as we age and lose natural volume and elasticity. Filler is key when there are essential contour deficits (fat loss), but overall firming and tightening of the skin is the prettiest way to "make it fit again"!

Sofwave is exclusive to SKin Phi, but I think the real magic is in who is performing the treatment. It makes a difference when @dermnurselaser is the one wielding the laser or device handpiece, there is a difference between having 1 year of experience versus 16 years of experience- all of our patients can attest to this fact. Even a treatment as ubiquitous as BBL rejuvenation is a totally elevated experience in her hands.

SOFWAVE firms your jawline. Not snatched (that's a terrible word), just pretty!

BelaMD Medical Facials will nourish your soul as much as it makes you glow like you are lit from within. I love to see people walk out of Lisa's room after having one. Like a "relaxed and pretty" filter has just been put on you! Our BelaMD is a 6 step microdermabrasion/hydrafacial/purifying/detoxifying medical facial in 1. I know it is offered at many places in Ottawa, but ask your provider if their BelaMD has the ULTRASONIC SKIN SCRUBBER feature! Our's does, and it is a high frequency vibration paddle that acts like a spatula smoothing icing on cake for your surface dead skin cells. No friction, no suction, no scratchy sensation. It is the gentlest and most micro-precise way to smooth and polish your surface dead skin cells. Think....a ceramic hair straightener- it literally makes skin shine and reflect light!

BelaMD is 20% off ALL. SUMMER. LONG.

(as well as some of our other summer safe treatments, Dermapen DP4, Lutronic skin toning, PRP, and more!)

Nurse in the City was started as a passion project that celebrates patients who like the insides and outsides to match.

Helping you find the True Beauty from within !

Watch part of Michelle's Metamorphosis interview here... 📽️📷🦋

Talk about METAMORPHOSIS... Our very first Happy Hormones info night last month was a resounding success. Meaning, SO many patients left feeling hopeful, more informed, and understood. Prosper Menopause Clinic is where you will find (virtually) Tanya Croft, RN and Shannon Kenrick-Rochon, NP. They have set out on a mission to EDUCATE and assist women in finding evidence-based solutions for disruptive symptoms of perimenopause and menopause (this can even be 10 years AFTER you hit menopause).

Back by popular demand, we are holding another information session (it feels a little bit like a support group for fierce and fabulous women who are tired of...feeling tired and cranky for no good reason at all! haha. The reason maybe is... hormone change!!)

July 27 at 6pm. Call or email Lalaine to register for the free event, space is limited.


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