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Updated: Mar 1

Lift, brighten, and restore!

Yes, you CAN make big impact with little tweaks. Subtle and artistic touches of Botox and filler can help to support essential features of the face. The message that bright eyes, or soft lips sends is one of wellness, and that is what we specialize in at SKin Phi.

Our discerning patients have enjoyed always appearing refreshed and revitalized, much like their 8-10 year younger version of themselves. This "reverse engineering" of the past several years is the key to keeping it looking natural, so the results never "look like filler."

Tired of Looking Tired?

If you are feeling like "something is just different" and you can't quite put your finger on it, chances are you are noticing the changes that occur when the mid-face starts to lose subcutaneous fat and the retaining ligaments are "shifted." Even in the absence of wrinkles or folds, loss of volume or softness results in the flattening ANGLE of facial contours- this affects the way light hits the skin surface and can exaggerate the appearance of dark circles and sunkenness.

One of our best kept secrets...ask about the L-Lift using Juvederm!

Our filler and free Botox promo is still on until the end of March: 3 syringes of Juvederm gets you 20 units of free Botox ($260 value).

Enjoy DOUBLE POINTS rewards with Brilliant Distinctions, which means more rebates with Botox and Juvederm treatments until April 9, up to $310 cash reward on combined treatments. Check with your account for details on how to qualify.


The Sofwave promo continues through March for the SKin Phi Tribe: Get a free BelaMD when you have a Sofwave treatment for skin firming, smoothing and lifting!

Patients who are already enjoying their Sofwave results can also qualify for a free BelaMD medical facial, by referring a friend or family member for Sofwave.


Sofwave is the scientifically proven cutting edge ultrasound technology that has been quietly transforming jawlines, saggy skin of the eye and brows, neck and lower face laxity. I say "quietly" because it truly is a no down-time procedure, no redness, swelling or peeling. No recovery time makes this an ideal treatment for any schedule, and can be easily integrated into your self-care program. For ALL skintypes, even if you are tanned.

Sofwave has been the global star of the show when it comes to restoring firmness and natural looking rejuvenation, especially of the lower face, chin and neck areas. I like this new culture of accepting some normal signs of ageing and going out without fullface makeup, but why not do simple things that work to preserve your natural shape? Without surgery and without giving up a lot of your freetime to recovery period! The patented parallel beam ultrasound energy causes a contraction of the collagen bed, which is likely responsible for the "better fit" noted around one month later. New collagen and elastin is stimulated by the ultrasound energy and is your's to keep from 3months and onward. The increased density of collagen and elastin is what makes the jawline and chin area look like "spanx for the face!" Most of our patients notice some improvement even with a single session, but you can do a second session for more firming and lift.

If you are especially concerned about wrinkles and jowl fat, you can combine our unique MorpheusMax treatment with the Sofwave program. Combination treatments optimized to your individual needs result in the best improvements in the fewest number of treatment sessions.


Stock up on the best clear-zinc based sunscreens for your daily use and March break get-aways!

Save on ColoreScience, The Sunscreen Company, and Alastin sunscreens this month. Special also includes the Bluestone Sunshields.

10% off all photoprotection products in March

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