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Trying to navigate the world of skin treatments can be challenging, especially when there are so many different messages. Sometimes a shiny new treatment comes on the scene, and it's so natural to infer hope from it- it's our nature to be drawn to hope in a bottle, hope in a device, hope in a new procedure, hope in that thing that your friend got.

At SKin Phi we make it our mission to help you make discerning choices, ones that empower you and help you feel the confidence of your best-self forward. We understand the vulnerability that comes with trying to "age gracefully." We are with you! We don't sell hope, we're committed to helping you achieve RESULTS. Our intent to reliably and consistently produce impactful before/after clinical photos is really about making happy patients. And we love to do that all day long, it's our measure of success. It's never about the transaction, it's about the relationships. Thank you to our Tribe for affirming this truth to us... on repeat.

We introduced the Moxi laser to Ottawa almost 2 years ago, and like we do with any new technology, we hone the tool to optimize results. Choosing the best technology is only the beginning. We refined our own protocols to optimize results for you. This is how we deliver real impact in as few number of treatments as possible, safely. We also combine Moxi laser with BBL, electrodessication, Q-switched 532 laser or other modalities to get you the brightest skin results.

An important feature we learned about the Moxi, it isn't just for "prejuvenation". This is not simply a treatment for your 30-something and not-yet aged skin. It dramatically helps to fade age spots, pigment such as sun damage and melasma, and keratoses (there is a lot of evidence that the 1927nm wavelength laser can reduce the load of potentially atypical skin cells- this means longterm skin health and less disease!) Maintenance programs are designed to help protect the investment you make in your skin health, but we like to stick with the simplest and easiest regimens possible. Zinc sunscreen is always key.

To celebrate almost 2 years of being Sciton Laser's Moxi Brand Ambassador, stay tuned for our soon-to-be announced Club Moxi!

See more of our REAL patients REAL results in our yearbook of Beauty video


Annoyed by that bra-fat...we can help you with that!

While we subscribe to active and healthy living, there are some areas of fat that simply RESIST change. Genetics, perimenopause and menopause, and other factors can influence disproportionate bulging such as: bra-fat, midsection bulges, muffin-tops.

Enter PCDC, a generic injectable medication similar to Belkyra (Health Canada approved medication indicated only for double-chin fat reduction), but we can use larger volumes of PCDC to treat resistant fat pads in body zones! This fat dissolving compound is sort of a new best friend here at SKin Phi, a reward for trying our best to eat well and get in all those steps.

Lately @dermnurseLara has been obsessed with treating everyone's fat-opause humps and lumps, as she calls them...the enthusiasm is commensurate with the results! Some areas seem responsive (as in there is less fat to pinch) even a few weeks after the first treatment session.

My personal experience: Feels just a little picky, but not painful. Areas I have had treated: bra-fat, upper arm, inner knee, saddlebag areas. Some slight swelling and bruising for a short while is possible, but other than than, the recovery is easy and I resumed all normal activities immediately. Treatment takes less than half an hour and no numbing cream is needed beforehand. Expect 2-5 sessions performed about 6 weeks apart, some of us are happy enough with the change seen after just 2 sessions (so just stop when you are happy with the improvement). Treatment of that upper arm and bra-fat pinched in the photo above would typically cost $550 per treatment.

Ask for a consultation and treatment in July, you will receive 10% off second and subsequent zones for liposculpting with PCDC injections.

Remember, love yourself! But if you hate your muffin-tops, we can help with that :)


July promotions continue...

  • Filler and free Botox gift. Get 2 syringes of Juvederm filler (perfect for the L-Lift), and receive $130 of free Botox.

  • Save $100 on Radiesse filler. While quantities last.

  • Complimentary consultation with sclerotherapy nurse practitioner, treatments start at $250 for spider vein injections

Refresh, Restore and Relax

BelaMD and Upper Body Calming package. You will leave with instantly glowing skin from the 6-step medical facial: diamond tip microdermabrasion, bioinfused serum hydrafacial, Hydrogen water deep-pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage and regenerative redlight therapy. The tension in the neck, shoulder and arms will be melted away when Lisa "Magic Hands" performs champissage techniques to help calm the nervous system.

The summer special promo for this 90 min restorative treatment that makes you FEEL as good as you LOOK is $310

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