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Synergy is the Best Energy

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

When SKin Phi was just a baby, we knew that there is something very special that happens when the right combination of stuff gets mixed together. It's like the perfect recipe or the perfect mixer event where totally different, yet compatible personalities make for an unexpectedly wonderful outcome!

When we set out to find BEST -IN-CLASS what we wanted was to deliver an "unreasonably superb" experience to our patients from start to finish. Providing you with the best products, the best technology, the best delivery system, and of course...the best ensemble of talent to serve our tribe. Meet Aine (AN-ya) our new administrative assistant, and Lisa, the SKin Phi medical aesthetician!

Aine is our youngest team member, and brings a certain energy of youthfulness, as well as her academic and professional background in media communications. She gives us a window into that world of social media driven and digital communications, where we want to tread cautiously and with responsibility. She brings balance to our experience and established foundations, and challenges us to learn and re-learn the world seen through younger eyes. How can we best serve them, how does wisdom get distilled and re-interpreted so it's upcycled for the next generation; how do we strike a balance between building their esteem and serving their skincare needs?

One thing is for sure, it is one of my personal missions in life to impart to others....ignore your cellulite. No one else gives a care about your cellulite, don't waste even a single moment more lamenting over the back of your thighs. I believe in the power of your face, your smile, your eyes when you focus or laugh, and in how these things make you feel when you look at yourself. No one ever made someone feel better by flashing them the smooth and taught backs of their thighs! See?

Lisa came to us like a message in a bottle. Didn't know someone like her even existed, but we are so glad (and so are our patients) that she found us just at the right time too! She's made of the right stuff; takes wellness as seriously as beauty, balancing inner and outer self, owning who she is and how she presents herself to the world. She will transform your day with the touch of her hands, and it's mostly about her intention. She intends to make you feel wonderful, relaxed, beautiful, and ready to take on just a little more once you get up off the treatment bed. Lisa is an expert esthetician who previously owned her own businesses (in New Brunswick, Alberta and Ontario). Her personal and professional passion in beauty has been groomed since she started modelling as a teenager, and later became an award winning makeup artist. In addition to performing impeccable esthetic services, she also pursued higher studies in vagus nerve stimulation and Champissage therapy for its wellness benefits. Her following know her as "magic hands" and we are so delighted that she has joined our SKin Phi team, adding her own sparkle to the wellness stream that we offer.

Now, let's talk about what it means to get SKinPhi'd... First, we curate the best "raw ingredients": needle therapies, regenerative medicine through self-harvested PRP or donor Exosomes, lasers, energies such as: radiofrequency, ultrasound, plasma, and LEDtherapy, mechanical and aqua-based skin polishing, medical skincare and cosmeceuticals, and integrative wellness therapies. These are assembled and planned in a completely unique way for you; even if you looked like you had the same skin-type as someone else, your goals will be different, your schedule and budget may be different, and most importantly, your body will respond in it's own way. These are medical procedures and we are caring for your very unique and individual anatomy and physiology. The best science even in the best hands don't always guarantee the same outcome. There are no guarantees.

Getting SKinPhi'd also means you have access to not only expert care, but also to the most advanced technologies (some exclusive to SKin Phi such as the MOXI laser and SOFWAVE ultrasound technology).

Right now, Lara and I are testing out our own eyePHI-lift programs. Who doesn't want tighter and firmer skin around the eyes, a little lift and time reversal because we don't want the risk/cost/downtime of surgery? Some of us need surgery, trust me, we know. But if it's not the right time for you yet, then what can we do in the interim? And how long can we defer big events like surgery if we pre-empt skin sagging and crepiness by doing non-invasive procedures earlier? We are our own test subjects, if it's not worth it to us in terms of risk/cost versus outcome then we can't offer it to our tribe! Laser and energy treatments can't be pulled off a menu and negotiated casually for you, there are even nuanced differences between most left and right eyes. "Handmade with love" means maybe even treating the two sides slightly differently, because that's how special you are and how much we aim for the stars in terms of your results and your experience. IT WAS WORTH IT. I WOULD DO IT AGAIN. These are feelings we need to produce when we poke and zap with one part courage, one part curiosity, and loads of care.

Stay tuned, but the SYNERGY between Botox, Morpheus8, Sofwave and Exosomes and some other ground-breaking technologies is about to launch at SKin Phi.

Who's ready to get eyePHI'd??

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