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SOFWAVE ultrasound skin firming and lifting (it's like SPANX for your face!)

Happy Jan-YOU-ary!

It's still feels like Thanksgiving at SKin Phi. We are so deeply grateful for all of you and how we have formed this caring and authentic community at SKin Phi. We prioritize YOU and are passionate about education, wellness and disease prevention, and helping you to achieve your skin goals.

There's a movement of self-acceptance that resonates with us ... BeYOUtiful. There's an immeasurable quality that comes from an inner confidence and peace with...what is. While we tend to be drawn into fast fixes, miracle products and extreme bio-hacking, we know the basic truths of life. There are no short cuts to the value of lasting and meaningful change. And no amount of fancy marketing or branding should fool you into signing up for packages that cannot deliver results. REAL RESULTS matter.

A BALANCED approach to skin health and beauty is what our patients appreciate the most. Having curated the best technologies available today based on safety and EFFICACY, along with keeping up to date with the most advanced protocols and techniques, we can confidently present these "Do THIS, instead of this..."

Here are the top 3 things you can do NOW that have meaningful impact, and don't change the essence of you.

  1. Instead of over-doing fillers and getting "pillowface", Do our L-Lift and strategic injections...

This new approach offered by The Needle WhispererTM uses the lowest dose of product possible in order to support lost foundation underneath the retaining LIGAMENTS of the mid-face. NO pillowface or chipmunk cheeks allowed here.

When you intuitively hold that magical point of your cheeks and pull up, the entire mid and lower face seems to be repositioned to it's slightly more youthful and lifted appearance. Shifting of the ligaments is what can make you feel "drawn", but you can't really put your finger on what has changed or why you feel like you look tired or sad. These subtle changes in contour and how light bounces off the skin can make all the difference, and you never look like you "had filler injections!"

Even very young patients can lose that midface fat pad from fitness or weight loss, which can make the undereye area look sunken and darker. Rather than rushing to tear trough filler, restoring the midface softness with a little filler is key to repositioning the ligaments. This makes the undereye brighter and makes the midface "pretty again". This is the predominant feeling that patients get when they see how instantly they can regain that glow.

2. Instead of rushing to surgery, consider our MorpheusMax of Sofwave for tightening and firming of moderate lower face laxity.

Morpheus8 is without a doubt the gold standard in microneedle-radiofrequency for skin resurfacing and tightening. There are many alternative technologies that try to compete, but it's hard to dispute the REAL RESULTS we keep seeing time and time again. You should always ask to see the real results produced at the clinic you are considering.

At SKinPhi, we never just take the technology and perform cookie-cutter treatments. Anyone can do that. Just as the injection approach is nuanced with artistry and decades long experience and training, the results of our laser and energy procedures are distinguished by the experience, expertise, and INTENT to produce optimal clinical results for our patients!

@dermnurseLara coined her unique treatment protocols MorpheusMax, it matters who is performing the treatments! Experience. Trust. Care.

3. If eyelid lift surgery (blepharoplasty) is not for you, but would like your eye area refreshed, consider natural looking injections with The Needle WhispererTM

For the right candidate, using a little Botox in the upper face and filler injection for the temple region can effectively give a non-surgical EYE-LIFT. This patient had a beautiful lifting of the sagging upper eyelid, which opens up the eye and instantly makes her appear less tired!

This is a delicate procedure and not everyone is a candidate, but if you are bothered by a heavy upper lid and sagging brow, see if this is right for you.

Watch our YEARBOOK of Beauty below and see how it is entirely possible to achieve healthy and beautiful skin rejuvenation without losing yourself.

Experience. Care. Trust.

Thank you, SKin PHi Tribe, for allowing us to care for you and keep you looking BeYOUtiful!

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