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12 Days of Giveaway Merriment and Holiday gift ideas!

December brings anticipation of holiday gatherings, celebration and one of our favourite things to do... prize giveaways! Our 12 Days of Giveaway will feature draw prizes that will start on Dec 8 and continue until Dec 23.

Any SKin Phi appointments made in Dec or purchases made for skincare products or giftcards qualifies you to be entered into the daily draw for the prizes:

Alastin with TriHexTM technology skincare, best in class sunscreen products, BelaMD Ultrasonic facials, SKin Phi giftcards, and more! Giftcard purchases over $100 also gets you SKin Phi rewards, a voucher for $20 towards any service or product.

The GRAND PRIZE, which will be drawn on Dec 23 is a 10 YearsYoungerTM package with @nursesunnykim (includes up to 60 units of Botox and 4 syringes of Juvederm filler). Only existing injectable patients are eligible for this draw prize. Ask for more information by contacting one of our concierge staff!

10 Years Younger with Botox and Juvederm

Look 10 Years YoungerTM... a bit more refreshed and rejuvenated YOU. Achieved with just the right touch of Botox and filler, with little to no down-time. Many patients feel anxious about changing their unique features, appearing too "done" or like

one of dreaded online trends. I agree with this statement famously made by my patient years ago..."I would rather look like I'm getting old than look weird!" Our discerning patients enjoy subtle and beautiful results that simply make you appear like the well-rested and slightly younger version of yourself! It's a philosophy, just as much as it is technique or product. I am just like my patients and only want to look like myself, simply several years "refreshed"!

We are here to care for you 613.271.1117 or for appointments

Technology in Skincare, meet Alastin!

Alastin uses patented TriHexTM technology to repair, rebuild and replenish the skin from within. Their SilkShield untinted zinc sunscreen is a silky texture cream for soothing dry, irritated skin in winter. Perfect gift for men as a soothing aftershave balm and skin protection.

Ask about the specialty products that incorporate the TriHex technology in repair and replenishing skin before/after procedures or in routine skincare.

Read more about Alastin's Science First Skincare

It's in the Eyes

eyePHILift is a program that we design exclusively for YOU! Custom-tailoring a combination of therapies that work synergistically, and with your busy schedule in mind. Saggy upper eyelids as well as wrinkled and/or puffy undereye can be improved with 2-3 sessions of low down-time treatments which will tighten, smooth, and lift the skin by triggering profound collagen and elastin regeneration, and strengthening the dermal matrix. A weekend of recovery time is typical for most patients, and you can add-on a full face treatment as an option if you want to refresh more than just your eye area.

Our patients know that we share their concerns: we want the highest level of clinical improvement per session, with the most attention to safety and care, and the least amount of recovery time as possible. @dermnurselara is your expert provider who will create a custom combination of therapies to provide the best VALUE in skin rejuvenation: SkinTyte red light and infrared therapy, Sofwave, Morpheus8, Exosomes (the latest in regenerative medicine), sprinkletox, and more.

Concierge Level Service

Part of the SKin Phi difference is in the little touches of care. One of our favourite professionals said one day about her level of service in her hair salon, "It's the only way I know how to do it." That's how we feel about giving 100% everytime to everyone who walks into SKin Phi. It's the only way we know how.

We love to know that people feel instantly "calmed and soothed" when they enter our cozy clinic, and they leave feeling just as happy. Our patients often remark how the BBL session with @dermnurselara involved many "extras" (that's 16 years experience and advanced protocols/passes) and was a "whole new experience." Seeing Lisa for the BelaMD-Ultrasonic enhanced and her signature Beyond session (which is as heavenly for your scalp and neck as it is good for calming your nervous system) is the most luxurious microdermabrasion and hydrafacial you can experience. We literally see patients walk out of Lisa's treatment room looking like they are floating on a cloud. This delights us, that our patients feel like their souls are as nourished as their skin when they leave.

Please join us for a lovely cup of warm apple cider this month, you can drop in for skincare gift ideas or giftcards, or call for your December appointment. Both get you an entry into the daily 12 Days of Giveaway draws starting Dec 8!

We are here to care for you: 613.271.1117 or for appointments

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