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Flourishing in June

The season for OUTDOORS and social events has begun. What does this mean for your skin and self-care program? Time is of the essence, and what we do with our time during this season should be simple and we FEEL as refreshed as we look. Sort of like the feeling our patients get when they step into SKin Phi. The most commonly repeated comment after "Hello" is "It's so relaxing and peaceful in here!"

Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or big social event, or just wanting to glow your best for a relaxing season at the cottage or patios with friends, here are some offerings that are: sun safe, easy to fit into your schedule, and keep you looking healthy and refreshed.

Refresh, Restore and Relax

BelaMD and Upper Body Calming package. You will leave with instantly glowing skin from the 6-step medical facial: diamond tip microdermabrasion, bioinfused serum hydrafacial, Hydrogen water deep-pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage and regenerative redlight therapy. The tension in the neck, shoulder and arms will be melted away when Lisa "Magic Hands" performs champissage techniques to help calm the nervous system.

The summer special promo for this 90 min restorative treatment that makes you FEEL as good as you LOOK is $310

Small things that make a BIG impact

We can all agree that just the right amount of that magical drug called Botox into the right areas can make ALL the difference. Same with just a little bit of dermal filler, used to "reverse age" some key areas of the face that tend to look "tired" over time. Say NO to pillowface or ducky lips.

Our experience, subtle and artistic approach to injectables is what our patients have come to trust. And no one should know that you look this refreshed from Botox and filler treatment ...Unless you want to tell them.

Our June-July filler promotion offers the following savings:

  • Get 2 syringes of filler, receive 10 U of free Botox ($130 savings)

  • Juvederm Skinvive for skin hydration and brightening- get $100 cashback from the program

  • Radiesse for rejuvenation of crepey skin the hands. Save $100 on each 1.5cc syringe of Radiesse, while quantities last.

NEW this summer: fat dissolving injections for body fat pads!

Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) has been used for safe and effective contouring of the double chin fat for many of our patients over the years.

Now we are offering fat sculpting for the body zones too, with PCDC (phosphatidylcholine deoxycholic acid). These injections can help reduce localized areas such as bra-fat, love handles, or small zones on the lower body. Some reduction is noticeable in 3-4weeks, but optimal outcomes are achieved after the cumulative lipo-sculpting from 2-4+ treatments. Treatment can be repeated every 6 weeks, there can be some minor inflammation and swelling in treated areas for a few days after each session and risk of bruising.

The promotional pricing is between 550-1100 per treatment session, depending on how many zones or how large your treatment area is. Ask at your next visit if this is the right treatment for you, @DermnurseLara and @NurseSunnyKim have June spots open, so you can get started on your summer sculpting plan.

Keep the COLLAGEN growing with Sofwave!

Sofwave for skin firming of sagging jowls, cheeks and neck. Truly no downtime ULTRASOUND treatment for contracting the collagen bed and stimulating new collagen and elastin in loose or lax skin. 1-2 sessions can be done on any skintype, and there is no redness, swelling or peeling afterwards.

Skin tightening for smoothing of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth area is another benefit of Sofwave. Did you know it also has FDA approval for acne scar improvement?

Sofwave is another SKin Phi exclusive in Ottawa. We love to make happy patients, and the Sofwave is the ideal blend of a SAFE and EFFECTIVE treatment.

See for yourself why Sofwave has become the darling of no downtime skin firming and lifting.

Moxi Laser to the rescue for uneven pigmentation!

Moxi Laser is one of the best ways to even out skintone from sun damage and uneven pigmentation. Safe for all skintypes, and very fast recovery times means we can do this even though sun exposure is hard to avoid completely in the summer. Patients continue to be impressed with even a single session of Moxi laser for reducing pigmentation, minimizing pores, and giving an over-all brightening effect to the skin.

Why is it advantageous to do this at the START of the summer season? If you have any brown spots or sun damage pigmentation, they simply go darker and worsen with even the slightest amount of UV exposure. Reducing the superficial pigment load now means there is LESS PIGMENT TO TURN EVEN MORE HYPERPIGMENTATED over the course of the summer season.

ZINC sunscreen and shade strategies (hats, umbrellas and UPF fabrics) are ALWAYS key to protecting your skin when outdoors, EVERY DAY of the year.


What's Upcoming and NEW!

Thank you SKin Phi tribe, for trusting us with your care! Many of you have asked about some therapies and products you would like to see offered, and we waited until we found just the right expert who can help us do that!

Call us to ask for a spot in our consultation day in June for these new services:

  • Sclerotherapy for spider veins

  • Sculptra for Biostimulatory injections (as an alternative to laser or energy based collagen stimulation)

  • Fat dissolving injections for body zones

Please call or email us if you would like to be booked in for a courtesy consultation for any of these services . Introductory pricing for these services will be offered as our summer 2024 promotion!


Coming soon to the SKin Phi skincare shelves....Select offering of the most popular SkinCeuticals antioxidant serums

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