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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

Read our January 2023 eNewsletter here and learn about our new year promos and specials!

  • Less is More...simplicity and efficacy in skin therapies and skincare

  • Free DP4 Microneedle treatment with Injectables service of 3 syringes of any filler combination

  • Sofwave 2for1 pricing special

  • How to Tighten and Firm with Morpheus8 and Sofwave. We have been so impressed with even single session results!

Winter Skin Dryness?

Every winter we start hearing from patients that dryness, irritation, dermatitis worsens. Some tips for winter skin rescue:

  • Shorten hot showers and baths

  • Moisturize with emollients that create a barrier

  • For extremely impaired barriers and chronic dry skin on the face, consider a series of no downtime and revitalizing DP4 Dermapen microneedle sessions with EXOSOMES. Exosomes are proven to help restore the lipid barrier function for skin with atopic dermatitis and eczema. $150 Savings on the DP4 Microneedle treatment in Jan - Feb. SAVE YOUR WINTER SKIN ❄️❄️❄️

  • Sun protection for the face and exposed skin protects from wind chap as well, such as this restorative ZINC based product by Alastin. We have seen this TriHex technology repair and restore normal barrier function of very irritated and rashy skin, and has been adopted by many as the "post-shaving" silky barrier cream and sunscreen of choice for men! 20% savings on Silkshield zinc sunscreen for our save your winter skin event ❄️❄️

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