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November...Make it Bright again!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Winter is coming, days are short and it's getting cold! However, we always like to celebrate the up-side of life at SKin Phi...

Prepare for the holidays and get togethers with easy glow-up sessions and gift ideas for your loved ones (and yourself!)

There are a few things that can get you holiday or vacation ready without down-time. Combining tightening/firming therapies with strategies to hydrate/brighten the surface are a perfect approach to looking fresh for the holidays.

How to plan your pre-holiday Schedule:

  • Sofwave: Anytime. For instant and long-term skin firming, lifting and tightening. Benefits are: Browlift, jawline, neck and jowl lifting. This leaves virtually no marks immediately post treatment. Can be done on any skin type and anytime, even pre-tropical holidays. The skin and vectors can appear firmed and lifted even as early as 3-4 weeks later, and the long-lasting collagen and elastin tightening is apparent at 3 months.

  • BelaMD: Anytime 1-2 weeks prior to a big event when you want your skin to be the glowiest. No downtime. Makeup goes on beautifully after a BelaMD and you look "rested" even when you are busy running around!

Our VIPs who received the BOGO 1 yr Anniversary BelaMD gift certificate... get booked for your BelaMD this month! It is a marvellously relaxing and instant freshening up for your skin. Then you will have the second session to use later for free, or GIFT that free one to your loved one as a very special holiday gift!

  • Juvederm SKinvive skin hydration injections: 1 week minimum prep-time, due to risk of bruising from needle pokes. Your skin will look instantly brighter, smoother, HYDRATED and fineline/pores refined. Looks hydrated for up to 9 months. I also do this for lip restoration, it makes lip tissue beautifully hydrated and can also brighten appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Our patients who do end up with a little bruising can come for a spot treatment with BBL energy to help fade dark bruises within a few days.

Skin FLOODING: At home Glow-hack for the holidays

We are about to embark on party and feasting season. Late nights, scheduling stress, and alcohol consumption can only mean... your skin takes a beating. Other than the easy-to-do procedures suggested above to get your skin glowing, firmed and lit from the inside, you can also get a temporary and instantly gratifying glow-up from FLOODING (hydrate your skin surface with a sheet mask or hydrophilic masking).

A calming and hydrating sheet mask is great for a quick 15 min skin prep before makeup application. Korean sheetmasks are unparalleled, inexpensive and easy to find- for skin flooding effect choose one that has no ACTIVES (acid, VitC, and ideally no additives like fragrance). Find one that just boasts hyaluronic acid or hydrating topicals like panthenol...these are best for an instant hydrating effect and no irritation. Fine lines and pores will always look "more refined" if the skin is hydrated to the max.

I find mine online, at the local Korean grocery store, or sometimes even retailers like Winners will have some good K-sheetmasks on sale...

**If you have a LOT of dry flaky skin due to cold weather and heaters running now, ask about our Express Bela, just a quick buffing and polish with the Ultrasonic skin scrubber handpiece of the BelaMD device. No irritation, 20 min skin polishing of dead dull skin cells, for a smoother surface before impeccable makeup application. $80


Gift Ideas from SKin Phi

Pick these up for your holiday gift list or purchase a Gift Certificate for your loved ones!

Alastin with TriHex peptides technology has some great offerings for:

-dehydrated skin

-thin or crepey skin

-pigmentation problems

-rashy and irritated skin, skin repair

-specialized eye and neck contour cream

Free gift with purchase; you can combine whatever products you need or want to gift total $450

Luxury eye mask, travel bag, UltraNourishing Cream and Creamy Cleanser trials ($150 value)

-Black Friday week sale from November 20-24

Save 15% off Every Morning Sunscreen

The cult favourite Every Morning Sunwhip was re-birthed as this light-weight elegant daily moisturizer/sunscreen. Get a perfectly moisturized glow for optimal sun protection on face, neck, and chest. Non-tinted and clear finish on all skin types. Dewy, not sticky, shiny, or drying. Perfect base for makeup.

Hale Derma Spray is sort of a skincare swiss army knife. Remember the "windex" versatility in My Big Fat Greek Wedding? This has become our new windex... but the difference is we have science and studies to prove it's efficacy!

Hypochlorous is the perfect pH balanced spray which has the following benefits when sprayed on the skin surface:

-antimicrobial, antiseptic (used before and after procedures)

-improves acne, rosacea, dermatitis, dry or irritated skin

-rebalancing microbiome of the skin and helps to restore skin barrier function

-anti-inflammation, calming, make-up setting

Bluestone Sunshields, the ultimate in face protection from UV

From now till Dec 22 get the Limited Edition SKin Phi full face sunshield for $70 CDN

This is a must have for patients with melasma, a recent laser procedure or anyone who wants an extra layer of UV protection while enjoying the outdoors. On vacation whether hot or cold, daylight hours means UV exposure to your face. Wearing the best ZINC based sunscreens and augmenting with the Bluestone sunshield is the best prevention and protection of your investment in skin rejuvenation.

V-Sculpt home use device for women's urinary stress incontinence and pelvic toning. Pain-free and no surgery, drugs or in-office procedures for improvement of genital symptoms of menopause, leakage after birth or normal loss of tone over time.

After just 45 days of use, women have reported amazing results like 90% less bladder leakage and 82% improvement in pelvic floor muscle strength. v-Sculpt utilizes an innovative combination of technologies: Red and Infrared light, gentle heat, and therapeutic vibration.

Red and Infrared light therapy is well studied and documented to benefit tissue healing, regeneration, lowering inflammation and stimulating repair responses including new collagen and tissue growth. Sports medicine, women's health, dermatology, and many other medical specialities already use red and infrared light in different forms for therapeutic effects.

Red/Infra-red LED illumination

Patients who need some assistance in tissue healing such as inflamed skin or joints, redness after injury or swelling post injury, hair loss treatment, and resetting of bio-rhythm from light deprivation (seasonal affect) can benefit from our red/infrared LED panel illumination. A 10 minute cycle once a week or until symptoms improve, is simple and pain-free, no downtime.

We have seen some impressive healing times for wounds, impaired skin barrier, and even try it on ourselves when we tweak our lower back or knee. Studies also show being around red light can help prevent degenerative macular changes, similar to being outside during low-angle sun (morning or sunset)

We offer 10 min Kala red/infrared light sessions for $35 at SKin Phi, promo pricing for 2023.


If you missed the November eNewsletter and blogpost, check out the Botox, Juvederm and other specials here!

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