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The Gold Standard... and Paying it Forward

There is original, the OG, pioneering, whatever term you wish to place on the first, there can be only ONE.

That's Botox. The REAL Botox.

Botox Therapeutic has been used in medicine for over 50 years, and has been studied in over 90 countries, and is among the "most widely researched medicines in the world."

It is such a proud Canadian boast that our very own Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Vancouver based ophthalmologist (along with her Dermatologist husband Dr. Alistair Carruthers), discovered it's use as a cosmetic tool for wrinkle reduction in 1992.

Did you know there are over 3200 studies published in scientific and medical journals on Botox and Botox Cosmetic? Time magazine recently published an article with the catchy header, Botox- the Drug that's Treating Everything. This is the strength that comes with using the Best In Class, and even though drugs will always be developed to have similar effect, unless there is a clinical out-performance in efficacy and safety, I don't subscribe to innovations simply because they are new, trendy, or cost less. While it is key to always be open to NEW best-in-class, there is a reason why we always procure the best for our patients.

In our hands, the Gold Standard is still Botox, there is just nothing that can match it's scientific credibility, rigors in research and manufacturing, and consistency in prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction. At Laserderm, we had been injecting Botox since 2000, and while every new drug that came to market was evaluated and compared, we always came back to the tried and true. Botox for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) along with many other medical applications is still the ONLY standard in North America. I think by now, most people have figured out that expertise in a drug or product comes with using that ONE a very long time and on the same patients, this establishes a LEARNING CURVE. If someone is trialing a new product or is a new injector themselves, it means they are practicing. Drugs and practitioners aren't seamlessly interchangeable.

Please ask why your injector is using a particular product, is it because it costs less? And are they even passing along that savings to you?

November 15 is National Botox Cosmetic Day in the U.S. so we are using this an excuse to give away fun self-care prizes! 4 lucky SKin Phi patients will win 25 units of complimentary Botox when they pick the GOLDEN vial out of our "fountain of youth" bowl of vials. All patients who come in for Botox treatment from Nov 1-30 will have a chance to win, there is a minimum treatment eligibility criteria.


Paying it Forward for SKin Health in Ottawa

SKin Health is always at the forefront of what we do at SKin Phi. Working as dermatology nurses for the better part of our careers, DermnurseLara and I have seen our fair share of skin cancers, pre cancers, and lots of sundamaged skin. Education, prevention, detection and proper diagnosis/treatment for common skin malignancies such as Basal cell carcinomas, Squamous cell carcinomas, and Melanomas is priority number one. This is why our bridging services and network with many of the general dermatologists in Ottawa is essential.

We will be supporting our Dermatology community by donating proceeds from Botox sales from Nov1- 28 to the National Capital Skin Disease Foundation, as they are fundraising for an expansion of the MOHS skin cancer clinic at The Ottawa Hospital. We will also be helping the NCSDF raise funds by promoting their Giving Tuesday campaign, for donors who wish to contribute more directly to the very worthy cause.

Currently the Ministry only funds the MOHS clinic to operate Part-time, Dr. Jillian MacDonald has been offering MOHS micrographic surgery for almost 10 years now and it is still an underserviced area of skin cancer treatment. Dr. Meghan Lim has returned to Ottawa and the center has the ability to expand the clinic so it operates MOHS surgery at fulltime capacity. Dr. Lim also brings advanced skills for MOHS in treatment of melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer.

Read more here about MOHS surgery for skin cancer treatment.


Juvederm Rewards and new Skinvive Research

Brilliant Distinctions is offering a $100 reward toward any Juvederm treatment at SKin Phi, now until Dec 15.

Facial enhancements using Juvederm is part of our winning formula. Most of our patients you see in the before/afters are subscribers to proper skincare, laser or energy based rejuvenation, and some injectable therapies such as Botox and Filler.

The contouring and vector lifting impact of well placed Juvederm is probably the most essential part of the 10-Year-Younger program. Volume loss in the mid-face and supporting areas of the temples and cheekbone are markers of "time passing". That's not a bad thing, but when you start to feel like you "always look tired" no matter how rested you are, it's likely a reflection on lost contours or a sallowness to the midface. Smiling helps, it's an instant rejuvenator!

SKINVIVE is a re-branded Juvederm product that we have been enjoying in Canada for a few years now, used to be called Volite. It's used as a skin booster or hydrator, a fluid-like injectable that mimics your own hyaluronic acid that bathes your skin cells. It binds to water in your tissue, that is how it gives bounce and hydration to the skin. HYDRATION is the key to giving the skin surface a glow or beautiful "light reflex." I always imagine the masterpiece paintings of cherubs, their cheeks literally glowing like they are lit from within.

Since the relaunch of Skinvive, European research is showing how AQUAPORIN, a marker of skin hydration might be the reason why Juvederm Skinvive is such an effective hydration and skin smoothing tool. This is especially exciting news, since winter is coming and we all know the downside of colder weather and heaters being turned on....winter skin! Dry and dehydrated skin always makes the surface appear more crepey, lined and dull.

Skinvive is a simple injection into the superficial skin, in areas of enlarged pores, fine lines, dark circles, shadowy or dull areas such as the chin corners, and dry areas in general. Benefits are glowy, hydrated, brighter and smoother skin texture. Patients have enjoyed results from 9-12 months in our practice, and I love it especially for brightening and hydrating under the eyes and around the mouth.

I injected this patient only on one side of her face and took this photo immediately after. Can you tell which SIDE of her face has just been treated with Skinvive injections? Hint, look under the eyes and around her mouth areas....

Watch some patient treatment videos here, of how simple Skinvive treatment it and how it INSTANTLY makes skin brighter.


Alastin medical grade skincare with patented TriHex peptide technology.

See what the buzz is all about... welcome peptide science into the mainstream diet of simple yet effective skincare: sunscreen, retinol, antioxidants...and PEPTIDES.

While quantities last, we have FREE GIFT from Alastin (value $150) when you purchase the HA Serum and Skin Repair Nectar (or any other combination of Alastin products to meet eligibility)

Travel bag, luxurious eyemask, and travel size Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer and Calming Cleanser


Sofwave in the Media Worldwide...

and SKin Phi is the exclusive providers of this SUPERIOR skin lifting technology in Ottawa

We had the distinct privilege of providing PR Firm Kelzmedia exposure to our impressive Sofwave results and many satisfied patients in Oct. Stay tuned for some sharing of patient testimonials, more amazing Before/After photos, and videos of how easy and simple the Sofwave is to incorporate into your rejuvenation program. All year round and on all skintypes.

Sofwave...Got Lift?


Nurse in the City

@nursesunnykim will share episode 8 next week...

This is Stephanie…

Stephanie has a style all her own. I love that her transformation and maintenance celebrates her individuality and desire to simply look "perfectly well-rested," not "perfect"

Fiercely independent and strong, she aligns her self-care philosophy with her professional and personal goals. Simple, elegant, and effective.

She is at the head of fundraising efforts to enhance the MOHS skin cancer clinic at The Ottawa Hospital. The National Capital Skin Disease Foundation exists to augment Dermatology care to our region, where there are shortfalls and limitations from the Ministry of Health, and has been instrumental in improving Dermatology services in our community. SKin Phi will be partnering with the NCSDF in November to help raise funds for the MOHS clinic.

Stay tuned for the journey of Stephanie’s self-care relationship with

The Needle WhispererTM and the SKin Phi rejuvenation programs!

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