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May your skin GLOW

The Moxi Laser was probably the most exciting launch that came out of SKin Phi almost two years ago. Sciton designated us as the Brand Ambassador when we introduced the Moxi to the Ottawa region, and it has not disappointed us (or you!)

Of course it's the SKin Phi way to want the best results in as few number of treatment sessions as possible. When we saw what the Moxi could produce even in just 1 or 2 treatments, safely and with relatively easy recovery periods, we knew this was a winner for all skin types.

For uneven skin tones and age spots, hyperpigmentation from sun damage or melasma*, enlarged pores, and general smoothing of rough or dull skin texture, nothing can transform from "before to after" like the Moxi. 5 days is the average period for the face to go from dull to glowing. Many of our patients have enjoyed the Moxi refresh for off-face areas such as the neck, chest, arms and hands as well.

*Melasma is a particularly challenging condition, and tends to have a lingering spirit (it can become darker from triggers such as light, hormones, and other factors!). We manage melasma by tailoring skincare regime and keep the hyperpigmentation controlled by maintenance Moxi treatments (typically 2-3 per year, or when the superficial melasma becomes more apparent from chronic sun exposure or other triggers)

These are some of our actual patients after only a single MOXI treatment:

In honour of Mother's Day this month, we are offering free Moxi treatment of HANDS when you are having your face, neck and chest treated. The backs of hands can get spotty with sun damage and start to look thin or crepey, we encourage everyone to protect your hands with skincare and sunscreen too!


Have you gotten onto the hyaluronic acid in skincare train yet? A wonderful humectant (draws and retains moisture) for the skin surface in topical formulations, and now HYDRATES and SMOOTHS from the INSIDE!

SKINVIVE is an injectable skin hydrator, and is a simple solution if you want immediate and lasting effects (up to 9 months+) of better skin texture, moisture and brightness. Just a single treatment session is needed to see results, this is NOT like the "skin boosters" of old, where monthly sessions are required before improvement is appreciated.

Skinvive works well for crepey or finely lined areas, enlarged pores, sallow areas or shadowy creases. A terrific brightener under the eyes or around the chin area, or anywhere where the skin can use a little "lit from within" effect. Neck lines can also be softened with Skinvive.

At SKin Phi, we offer "2 for 1" pricing on this treatment, the value of hydrating and smoothing the entire neck, or mid and lower face for $1300. Additional savings on this treatment can be had through your Brilliant Distinctions rewards, a rebate of $100 for qualifying Skinvive treatment is offered until June 5! Sign up at if you don't already have an account.


We love products that align with our philosophy of effective and simply the best!

The cult favourite Every Morning Sunwhip sunscreen has been reborn as Ava Isa Every Morning, by The Sunscreen Company. And it should be the go-to product for daily sheer all-zinc protection. Amazingly soothing yet light in texture, it supports good barrier health and gives a transparent veil of protection against UVB and UVA.

We take skin health and disease prevention seriously! It's unsexy and no one truly enjoys getting the lecture on why avoiding UV radiation exposure is tantamount to having nice skin (like kids being told to eat broccoli, it's good for you!) But we try to make it as easy as possible to adopt the good habits, we curate only the best performing and safest sunscreens. Protecting your skin investment is as important as the treatments themselves.

Take advantage of our fresh restock of inventory, and make sure you are skin-equipped for the spring and summer season ahead!

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