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Sofwave- Got Lift?

Sofwave- Ultrasound technology for SKIN FIRMING

We have been delighting patients with our new L-Lift using Juvederm filler to naturally contour, lift, and brighten the midface area. It's deeply satisfying to know such a subtle and gentle tweak is making such a confidence-boosting difference for our patients! Midface sculpting is so very beautiful when done right, the light reflex points in the cheek/temple/around the eyes is one of the most powerful markers of BEAUTY. This is the specialty of The Needle WhispererTM

Now, a little love for the lower face... if you are like most of our patients, you FEAR the look of the overfilled and weird-looking proportions seen on social media lately. I find this over-treatment of the chin, lips, jaw, etc to be "not so pretty." While subtle and strategic injections can enhance the lower face, the thing that the tissue is most begging for is... tighten and firm me up! This area gets lax and "loose fitting" for many reasons: a shrinking bony foundation (yes, the skull does recede and shift backward in this area as we age), loss of collagen/elastin, and depletion of fat pads, as well as the tension of muscles that can pull the jawline down and accentuate sagginess. This is why optimal rejuvenation is often a combination of treatment approaches. You know the feeling of having a perfectly tailored dress or pair of pants, the confidence that comes from knowing that there is beautiful draping and a perfect balance of hugging curves without lines of tension? You feel like a million bucks when custom tailoring not only enhances how you feel in the clothes, but the lines are optimally flattering on your frame. Sofwave FIRMS the skin, it helps to achieve a beautiful "fit" of the tissue around your mouth, laugh lines, chin, and jawline. The smoothing effect on lines and pores adds to an overall revitalizing effect. It's why this collagen boosting and firming treatment looks so naturally enhancing, a subtle but powerful quality of "you just look great!"


  • Latest ultrasound technology for SKIN FIRMING and SMOOTHING


  • Science based and effective stimulation of collagen, elastin, improving skin texture, laxity, enlarged pores, crepiness

  • Helps to contour jawline and other saggy areas


  • Perfect skin firming treatment for summer

The Sofwave half-face is being offered this summer for $800 per treatment. Firming can be appreciated even after a single session, but treatment can be repeated for more firming 2-3 months later. Ask about Sofwave on your next visit to see if you are a candidate, or call to schedule mini-consult 613.271.1117

Sofwave-Got Lift? Click here for to get a glimpse of what Sofwave can do for your jawline! This is our patient in her 60's, only after a single treatment.

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M Taggart
M Taggart
21. Aug. 2023

Sofwave is a treatment that yielded excellent results for me.

Gefällt mir
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