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We are ONE!

Updated: Aug 19

SKin Phi was born 1 year ago! Hard to believe, but it's true. We are still smiling, laughing everyday, actually ๐Ÿ˜Š

August 2022

We might look calm and cool here...but we were scared as heck!

That's what I guess it looks like when you are embarking on a dream, and it's all hope and faith, and lots of hard work. Thank you, SKin Phi Tribe. We had a fantastic first year serving you and look forward to many more beautiful moments with you!


Aug 2023: Our spin-off story of having left our cozy and comfortable foundations at Laserderm, to open our own CLINIQUE (boutique clinic) has pages and chapters made up of...YOU, our wonderful patients!

I am truly so honored to know each and every one, we cherish meeting new characters, and I hold your words in my head and remember conversations and exchanges we share even years later. Did you know that YOU each have that kind of impact on our lives? This is a long-term relationship, and we get as much inspiration, energy, and enlightenment from our Tribe as you receive in forms of care.

Is there any better feeling than being welcomed into a familiar space by friendly faces; Remember "NORM!" from Cheers? ๐Ÿป๐Ÿบ

It is one of the best parts of our reception, we literally RECEIVE you into the safe space we try to create at SKin Phi every day. Unreasonable Hospitality is a great book that I have yet to read, but every post I see shared by Will Guidara is pure gold: where he demonstrates how his restaurant serves people with memorable, over-the-top hospitality.

Lalaine Castilla, who managed Dr. Laughlin's dermatology practice for over 25 years, is our Chief Operating Officer, but really, she is our resident "Martha Stewart" and could win gold in the hostess and hospitality Olympics. There is no one better at this than Lalaine. And oh yeah, all the fine artwork on our walls... Lalaine! She has donated two original works of art to various charities that we supported throughout the year, Parkdale Food Center and The Harmony House were both recipients of donor funds through silent auction in 2022-2023.

Kelly is our front desk administrator, and not only is the face that first welcomes you, she ushers you from phone, email, first visit and helps you schedule your calendar for the year in selfcare appointments. She is a true professional, and puts all of her genuine life experiences as a wife, mother, educator, and fitness leader into helping you feel initiated into the Tribe. The Welcome wagon is never to be underestimated, she is like everyone's favourite girlfriend. Remember Woody's song... "Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly....". The Cheers references will go on and on, you'll see! Haha.

Myself, @dermnurseLara and Lisa, aka Magic Hands Peacock round out the clinical team. We keep you healthy, rejuvenated and confidently YOU! What can I say, we are fairly proud of the Tribe of beautiful men and women we surround ourselves with. Every day we have encounters with really special people, learn more about how to see beauty in everything and how to draw it out. When I say, we are ONE now, I also mean WE. ARE. ONE.

We're in this together with you ๐Ÿ’›

In celebration of our 1 year Birthday, we invite you to enjoy skincare products savings from August 9-18. If you are out of town and would like to reserve your favourite Cyberderm, Alastin, or ColoreScience products you can email us at with your order request.

  • Save 10% on all SUNSCREEN products

  • Save 25% on ONE NEW ITEM you would like to try from any of the skincare product lines sold at SKin PHi

  • There is a draw for a prize basket of skincare products to be won by ONE lucky member of our Tribe who places a skincare order or comes for on-site purchase between Aug 9-18. Winner will be notified on Mon August 21

  • If you are one of the OG500 (first 500 patients who came to visit SKin Phi in 2022) you will be receiving a special mailed package from us! If you have had an address change or know that you are out of country for the next little while please let Lalaine know.

Click here to check out our new Skin Phi Youtube channel. ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ


  • PRP, DP4 microneedling, SkinTyte or Lutronic skin toning,and the BelaMD medical facial are all summer-safe procedures and are still 20% off until end of August

  • Sofwave ultrasound skin firming and tightening. Lower face promo $800 (the regular fullface $2000 resumes in Sept, and we also have a new handpiece coming...upper lid lift!)

SOFWAVE. Got LIFT? Click on the images below to see another Got LIFTED example!

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