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Welcome to Winter Wonderland

Updated: Jan 4

Something about fresh snowfall and how it covers everything with a heavy-blanket of white makes us CALM. We tend to stop what we are doing and just marvel a bit, like a reminder to enjoy moments of peace like this. WONDERLAND.

Taking a moment for self-care feels even more lavish during this month, often more hectic and frenzied when it gets over-scheduled. And that's how we love to take care of our Tribe- lavishly.

You are busy. And we don't need to entice you into booking anything last minute to make December even harder to manage, but if you want to even daydream about the day when you CAN make the gift to yourself, do it. Step into our Wonderland, you are absolutely worth it!

We remain open until Friday 22, so if there is something you need... an hour of tension relieving BelaMD medical facial, a quick Botox tweak, or even a Sofwave Ultrasound skin tightening with no downtime...Give us a call and see if there is an opening for you!

Gift ideas for the very hard to shop for beloved: SKin Phi gift certificates or medical grade skincare products, sun protection products including the award winning Bluestone Sunshields.


We have featured Tara before in some of our educational pieces about Moxi laser, Morpheus8, Sofwave and injectable therapies. If you look back at recent archived blogs you will see some of her journey. I love this candid picture of her in our reception area, at one of her follow-up appointments. Radiant and smiling. Not the usual "before" photo pose that everyone loves so much! (we can all agree that the BEFORE photo is proof of how tired and changed looking we can become with a little neglect)

Here is the true AFTER photo. This is the look and feeling of confidence that makes everything worth it! When the outside finally seems to match the vitality and energy of inner beauty.

Her journey was a year long in the making, and each and every step was with calculated value, deliberation, and RESULTS definitely matter. In fact, we don't move on to the next step unless we achieve the results that we are aiming for. Credibility is integral, we disuade people from going into anything with impulsivity, pressure, or blind faith. There is trust, and we appreciate that so much, but we still present evidence-based options and solutions- knowing that our credibility is on the line. No BS, as some would say. Matching the best solutions for YOUR unique concerns, medical candidacy, and skin diagnoses is what we are here to do.

We hope that in sharing our

SKin Phi 2023 Yearbook of Beauty you will get the feeling that we LOVE what we do, and we love the privilege of serving our patients.

Experience. Care. Trust.

Keep dreaming and keep on being your beYOUtiful self!

Your SKin Phi family

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