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We believe everyone has a unique and exquisite beauty, and we celebrate that.  


SKin Phi is a boutique aesthetic and laser skin clinic…with a difference. PHI, or the “Golden Ratio,” is the Greek symbol of mathematical perfection and balance, often repeated in nature, design, art and science. We believe everyone has a unique and exquisite beauty, and we celebrate that.  Our experience in aesthetic and laser medicine is paralleled by our passion for BALANCE, helping you look the way you feel inside.

At SKin Phi we offer best in class services, treatment programs, and products to help you achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. We are home to carefully curated technologies, exclusive signature programs, and a team of professionals who are passionate about caring for you, inside and out.

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And we’ve got the Moxi to prove it!

MOXI fractional 1927nm laser by Sciton is now available in Ottawa. Exclusively offered at SKin Phi!


We are so excited to be introducing Moxi laser to Ottawa, improving one face at a time in achieving "filter-like complexion!"
Moxi laser is a game-changing technology for pigment, enlarged pores, sun damage, d
ull skintones for ALL skintypes. A personal victory for Sunny, since she has developed melasma in the past couple of years...she has been searching for new and innovative solutions for this chronic and difficult condition. With exceptionally quick recovery times, MOXI offers one of the best solutions for melasma and other pigment concerns. 

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Sunny Kim

If I could just jump out of this screen and bear hug all of the beautiful souls who have been in my tribe for the past 16 years I would. I am humbled to have had the privilege of caring for so many all these years.

SKinPhi was created just for you. New and different, SKin Phi is an expression and an alignment of all my values; to promote Balance and simpliPHIcation in our lives, and to creatively align with the PHIlantropies that we hold dear in our hearts. 


I find myself surrounded by like hearted people who also bring their own strengths to the table. Together we are most passionate about serving our patients with the utmost care; to improve the quality of their lives and to help them achieve beautiful and healthy skin.

My hope is that your visit to SKin Phi will feel like coming home... to your girls night, your tribe, your shavasana.

The relationships we build with our tribe are treasured, your trust is our greatest reward. Truly.

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I have known Sunny for several years now and I’ve trusted her expertise since day one. She specialized in natural looking beauty, and has helped me preserve a youthful glow without ever looking overdone. As a mom of 3 and a shift worker, it’s easy to overlook a skincare regimen. I had lost all the baby weight from my pregnancies but it left my face looking dull and gaunt. Now I get so many compliments on how good my skin looks! Nobody ever knows I’ve had anything done!

Lauren S, since 2015

As years passed, I noticed that the appearance of my face wasn’t matching the happiness and energy I felt inside. When I first came to see Sunny, I was nervous as I didn’t want to erase all the marks of my age. She listened to me, understood and respected my wish. No need for extreme treatments: with careful, precise doses of filler and Botox, this talented professional operated her magic and literally brought back the sunshine to my smile…I was also guided towards other beneficial treatments such as photo facials which stimulate collagen production. I’m so happy I made this move! Thank you Sunny

Marie T, since 2014

I appreciate the expertise and approach…everything is so subtle. I look and feel like myself, which is all I’ve really wanted! They are helping me to age gracefully and tackle some tough and frustrating challenges, especially the Rosacea, which is difficult to treat! Thank you for your expertise and support! I look and feel great in your capable hands!

Tara M, since 2011

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